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Integrative Massage

Our Integrative Table Massage is a customized treatment that involves the integration of therapy techniques from a number of different modalities catered to meet your specific needs and desired pressure. Treat yourself to a healthy and luxurious experience!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is traditionally performed fully clothed on a Thai mat on the floor with bolsters. It involves your therapist performing assisted stretching, muscle compressions and range of motion movements. As a client, your goal is to let go and relax, allowing the therapist to guide your body into gentle opening stretches while using their hands, feet, and sometimes elbow to massage muscles inaccessible in traditional table massage.

Ashiatsu Massage

From the Japanese language “Ashi” meaning ‘feet’ and “Atsu” meaning ‘pressure’, this barefoot technique is an incredibly relaxing and deep massage therapy. The benefits include deep relaxation, elongation of the spine, increase blood and lymph circulation, and improved posture.

Infrared Sauna

Welcome to our sauna, the Sunlighten mPulse aSpire, the world’s FIRST and ONLY 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna. This full spectrum infrared sauna offers Near, Mid, and Far Infrared heaters allowing a customization of wellness benefits.

Therapist of the month

We are proud to announce our Therapist of the Month is Hanna Kennedy!

To receive 10% off on ANY length massage with Hanna Kennedy for the month of November, use the code TOTM when scheduling online or mention this offer at check out.

“My passion as a massage therapist lies in listening to your needs as a client and tailoring your massage each visit. My fine-tuned, intuitive hands and knowledge lie in the spirit of the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga, where I studied with many inspiring, talented teachers and massage therapists. I enjoy incorporating Swedish, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Tui NA, Cranial Sacral, and all of the knowledge I have come to embody through studying and receiving body work myself. I love to problem solve and work with specific injuries or aches and pains. So whether you want to “work out the kinks”, to simply relax while the parasympathetic nervous system aids in self-healing, or a bit of both, I look forward to working with you!”

November Special

Orchid Package – 10% off

“Pep in Your Step”

60 min integrative massage + 30 min lower leg & foot massage + salt foot scrub + customized aromatherapy + complimentary bag of “citrus sunrise” herbal tea

Feel a bit of pep in your step after this foot focused treatment! This treatment includes 60 minutes of Integrative Massage with the deeply relaxing enhancement of Hot Stones plus 30 minutes of focused massage work on the Lower Legs and Feet. To top it off, relax into a Salt Foot Scrub enhancement with hot towels and magnesium loaded Epsom salt. Customized Aromatherapy full of citrus and mint will uplift your spirits!  At the end of your session we offer you a take home bag of our refreshing loose leaf Herbal Tea blend – “Citrus Sunrise.”

Getting Started is Easy

Pick Free Enhancement

Every integrative massage includes one free enhancement. Choose from hot stones, hot towels or aromatherapy. (Choosing a signature massage includes all 3 enhancements, one still being free.)

Book Appointment

Booking an appointment is made easy by either booking online anytime from anywhere, or calling our establishment at 828-552-3272.

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The intake form can be completed either online or once you show up. If in-house, please show up 10 minutes early. This only needs to be filled out once.