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Integrative Massage

Our Integrative Table Massage is a customized treatment that involves the integration of therapy techniques from a number of different modalities catered to meet your specific needs and desired pressure. Treat yourself to a healthy and luxurious experience!

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is traditionally performed fully clothed on a Thai mat on the floor with bolsters. It involves your therapist performing assisted stretching, muscle compressions and range of motion movements. As a client, your goal is to let go and relax, allowing the therapist to guide your body into gentle opening stretches while using their hands and feet to muscles inaccessible in traditional table massage.

Infrared Sauna

Welcome to our sauna, the Sunlighten mPulse aSpire, the world’s FIRST and ONLY 3-in-1 full spectrum infrared sauna. This full spectrum infrared sauna offers Near, Mid, and Far Infrared heaters allowing a customization of wellness benefits.

Lavender Package 

10% off all month of any length massage + sauna package 

The Wild Rose Healing House signature service, the Lavender Package, includes an Integrative Massage combined with a blissful 30 or 45 minute sit in our private Infrared Sauna. Your customized massage will include your choice of enhancement of Hot Stones, Hot Towels, or Aromatherapy. Following your massage, we will escort you into your private Infrared Sauna. Wellness Programs are set to your choice of either Detoxification, Cardiovascular, Pain Relief, Weight Loss, Anti-Aging, or Relaxation. You may upgrade to a signature massage with any of these for an additional $20. Comes with a free cold beverage of your choice.

Use code LAVENDER when booking online or mention this offer at check-out!

Employee of the Month

Brittany Woods

We are so happy to share that we have chosen our Front Desk Extraordinaire, Brittany, as our employee of the month for September! It has been such a treat to have Brittany as part of the Wild Rose Healing House family. Her bright smile shines through (even from behind the mask) and her welcoming energy radiates to everyone who enters our space. Brittany has been a dream to have behind the Front Desk. Her sweet energy, attention to detail, and willingness to help out when needed, has made life so much sweeter at the Healing House. After a busy month of August, and with helping out so much with coverage, Brittany absolutely deserves the recognition for her hard work and positive spirit. Make sure to congratulate her on your next visit for being our employee of the month!

Use code EOTM at checkout when booking online to receive 10% off your next massage or sauna service OR make sure to say “Brittany is AWESOME” when booking over the phone to receive this discount!  

Pick Free Enhancement

Every integrative massage includes one free enhancement. Choose from hot stones, hot towels or aromatherapy. (Choosing a signature massage includes all 3 enhancements, one still being free.)

Book Appointment

Booking an appointment is made easy by either booking online anytime from anywhere, or calling our establishment at 828-552-3272.

Complete Intake Form

The intake form can be completed either online or once you show up. If in-house, please show up 10 minutes early. This only needs to be filled out once.